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Company Name Address Representation Staff Products and services Last updated
WP-TRADE, s.r.o. (N) Bardejov, Slovakia Products: 1
Representatives: 1
20 Offer Beech rotary cut veneer. 2017.08.22
PARKWOOD GLOBAL PTE LTD (N) Singapore, Singapore Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer RILICO - timber panel suppliers. 2017.08.22
Alpha Enterprise Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia Products: 2
Representatives: 1
10 Offer hardwood products. Demand Bench Slat. 2017.08.22
GOLD FARAN COM IMP E EXP LTDA. (N) Joinville, Brazil Products: 1
Representatives: 1
16 Offer Logs. 2017.08.19
Samway International Business Limited (N) Wuxi, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
30 Offer Crimping machine. 2017.08.19
Lion timber species and wood crafter cc (N) Rundu, Namibia Products: 1
Representatives: 1
10 Offer 1) Rhodesian teak (2) Burkina Africans (3) kiaat (4) rosewood. 2017.08.17
Kitchen cabinets and laminate flooring export (N) Weifang, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Kitchen cabinets and laminate flooring. 2017.08.17
Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co., Ltd (N) Jinan, China Products: 57
Representatives: 1
49 Offer 24V DC Switching Power Supply 24V Transformer. Offer Origin RZNC 0501 DSP Controller. Offer Rack and Pinion for CNC Router CNC Engraving Machine. Offer China Router CNC 2030 Factory. More >>> 2017.08.14
NOOK Vilnius Vilnius, Lithuania Products: 1
Representatives: 2
5 Offer Woodworking tools. 2017.08.14
O-LEADING SUPPLY CHAIN (HK) CO.,LIMITED (N) Huizhou, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
700 Offer 8L HDI board with ISOLA base material, PCB&PCBA from China, 3.0mm board thickness. 2017.08.11
ZEA OOD (N) Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Wood Charcoal. 2017.08.08
EDMISTON & MITCHELLS Falkirk, UK Products: 1
Representatives: 1
Western Log Home Restoration North Bend, WA, USA Products: 1
Representatives: 1
1 Offer Permachink. 2017.08.06
Hangzhou Yutong Machinery Co., Ltd (N) Hangzhou, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Nailless plywood box machine. 2017.08.02
N.S.E.Automation Co.,Ltd. (N) Xiamen City, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer PLC DCS. 2017.08.02
Greenpower Kharkov, Ukraine Products: 4
Representatives: 1
50 Offer Charcoal kiln CK-4 EURO. Offer Charcoal Kiln CK-3 EURO. Offer Drying complex for quick drying of technical wood or firewood. Offer Complexes for thermocatalytic neutralization of hazardous waste and MSW. 2017.07.28
Khalid Alazzeh Timber Est. (N) Amman, Jordan Products: 1
Representatives: 1
4 Offer Soft & hard wood, Panels MDF fancy & melamine. 2017.07.25
Jilin Winma Machinery Co., Ltd. (N) jilin, China Products: 3
Representatives: 1
300 Offer CNC routers. Offer woodworking machine. Offer Four side moulder. 2017.07.25
PT. TATA INDONESIA RESOURCES (N) Semarang, Indonesia Products: 6
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Oak Panel Wooden Door. Offer Raise Moulding Panel Wooden Door. Offer Veneer Finishing Engineering / Composite Wooden Door. Offer Raise Moulding Wood Door. More >>> 2017.07.25
Integrated Business Applications Limited North Point, Hong Kong Products: 1
Representatives: 1
2 Offer Hardwood Softwood. 2017.07.22
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