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Company Name Address Representation Staff Products and services Last updated
Olive Wood Holy Shop Bethlehem, Israel Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Olive Wood Products. 2016.11.09
AtlantHouse Vyborg, Russia Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Molded products. 2016.11.08
Heze Far East Import and Export CO., LTD Heze, China Products: 8
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Paulownia breaking boards for taekwondo. Offer paulownia wood breaking board / paulownia board. Offer taekwondo training board / wood break board. Offer karate breaking board /karate wood break board supplier. More >>> 2016.11.07
Quadro SNV Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Briquettes RUF. 2016.11.04
Linmede LTD Alytus, Lithuania Products: 1
Representatives: 2
72 Offer Pallet boards, planks, blocks. 2016.10.31
GAP Agriculture Joint Stock Company Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam Products: 1
Representatives: 1
30 Offer 5% Broken Long Grain Rice : Fragrant Rice, Jasmine Rice, Red Rice, Black Rice, Freeze Dried Dragon F. 2016.10.19
Inter Carpathian Chervonograd, Ukraine Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer pine, fir, beech. 2016.10.05
Domina Invest Kiev, Ukraine Products: 2
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Lumber. Offer Complete sets of wooden houses. 2016.10.04
Heramb Food and Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Kanpur, India Products: 2
Representatives: 1
15 Offer Timber. Demand Timber. 2016.09.23
JSC Agro Supply Group Klaipeda, Lithuania Products: 1
Representatives: 1
5 Offer Wooden poles. 2016.09.07
Alkemal Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore, Singapore Products: 1
Representatives: 1
50 Offer Timber Logs and Processed Wood. 2016.08.25
HIND HANDICRAFTS Nagina, India Products: 1
Representatives: 1
10 Offer Wooden Handicrafts and Novelties. 2016.08.24
Habitat All Wood Belém, Brazil Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Brazilian Wood. 2016.08.21
Shanghai Euro Oak International Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Engineered flooring. 2016.07.27
AN THINH Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam Products: 2
Representatives: 1
1999 Offer Sell charcoal from Viet Nam. Offer STRAW FROM VIETNAM. 2016.07.26
Vicwin Wood Co., Ltd Dongguan, Guangdong, China Products: 4
Representatives: 1
300 Offer Rubberwood Veneer Finger Joint. Offer Rotary Cut Wood Veneer Sheet. Offer Sliced Natural Wood Veneer. Offer wood veneer edgebanding. 2016.07.16
Babchenko Vinnitsa, Ukraine Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Unedged boards, paneling, floor board, oak, ash, basswood, birch, hornbeam. 2016.07.04
Fingerlicking International Services Limited Akure, Nigeria Products: 1
Representatives: 1
120 Offer Timbers. 2016.07.01
APVALUS MEDZIO GAMINIAI, UAB Elektrenai, Lithuania Products: 1
Representatives: 1
100 Offer Wooden dowels. 2016.07.01
Eksid D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia Products: 2
Representatives: 1
4 Offer Pellets equipment. Demand Pellets. 2016.06.28
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