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Company Name Address Representation Staff Products and services Last updated
InterMix International Business Taio, Brazil Products: 1
Representatives: 1
5 Offer Sawn Lumber. 2016.06.27
Huangshan Huasu New Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd Huangshan, China Products: 3
Representatives: 1
300 Offer Wood plastic composite. Offer Co-extrusion Wood plastic composite patio Capped WPC Decking. Offer skirted WPC patio flooring Capped outdoor decking. 2016.06.20
CNL woodflooring limited Foshan, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Acacia Flooring. 2016.06.15
Euroconsult.Ltd Moscow, Russia Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Thermally modified wood. 2016.06.10
Klasikiniai Langai, UAB Eitminiškės, Vilnius district, Lithuania Products: 17
Representatives: 1
18 Offer Wooden windows and doors. Offer FRENCH DOORS. Offer TRADITIONAL FLUSH CASEMENT WINDOWS. Offer EXTERNAL SHUTTERS. More >>> 2016.06.06
Tomson Floors Edinburgh, UK Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Wood Flooring. 2016.05.10
Qingdao RongLi packaging Co., LTD Qingdao, China Products: 68
Representatives: 1
12 Offer direct manufacturer board corner protector for transportation. Offer packing materials angle protector. Offer table corner protector hot sale. Offer paper angle bead factory direct sale. More >>> 2016.04.26
IEB LTDA Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Wood. 2016.04.22
Soqalbadu Ampenan, Mataram, Indonesia Products: 2
Representatives: 1
5 Offer Agarwood, Oud, Gaharu. Demand Agarwood. 2016.04.13
LumberTECH Alajuela, Costa Rica Products: 1
Representatives: 2
6 Offer Lumber. 2016.04.10
EcoTara Kiev, Ukraine Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Elements of packaging (side elements).. 2016.04.06
Chancelier Wood Flooring Ltd. Guangdong, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
20 Offer Chancelier Wood Flooring. 2016.04.05
Rapid Ltd. Kharkov, Ukraine Products: 1
Representatives: 1
100 Offer Wood house. 2016.03.25
Springfieldgmbh Istanbul, Turkey Products: 1
Representatives: 1
195 Offer Quality wood pellets EN+A1 6mm, 15kg bags. 2016.03.15
UNIEXPORT CO., LTD Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Wood pellet. 2016.03.08
Long Da Wooden Material Corporation Limited qingdao, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Plywood, film faced plywood, sawn timber plank, blockboard, osb, LVL, H20 beam, veneer, wood pallet. 2016.03.08
Beijing Panda Pellet Machinery Co.,Ltd Beijing, Tongzhou, China Products: 9
Representatives: 1
50 Offer pellet equipment. Offer pellet mill. Offer shredder. Offer three rotors hammer flaker. More >>> 2016.02.25
Representatives: 1
50 Offer Solid wood panel. Offer Oak board edging (out of stock). Offer ASH board. Edged. 2016.02.23
PRESTAREA FACTORY Iasi, Romania Products: 1
Representatives: 1
101 Offer PVC windows and doors. 2016.02.18
Zhongen Treezo Shanghai, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
2000 Offer Wood flooring. 2016.02.17
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