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Company Name Address Representation Staff Products and services Last updated
Henan King Shine Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd (N) Zhengzhou, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
820 Offer 30-500 T/D complete set of maize processing maize mill machine. 2017.05.12
Representatives: 1
25 Offer Pine Wood. Demand Pine or Spruce. 2017.05.10
Guangzhou Landtek Instruments Co. Ltd. guangzhou, China Products: 111
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Measuring instruments and gauges. Offer Ultrasonic Thickness Meter TM-1240(Enhanced Type,Wide Range). Offer Coating Thickness Meter CM-1210A. Offer Coating Thickness Meter CM-1210B. More >>> 2017.04.22
Qingdao WGS Appliance.Co.,Ltd (N) Qingdao, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Fireplace pellet stove. 2017.04.07
RuggedMade (N) Rockland, USA Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer log splitters. 2017.03.23
Greenpower Kharkov, Ukraine Products: 5
Representatives: 1
50 Offer Charcoal Kiln CK 'EURO'. Offer Drying complex for quick drying of technical wood or firewood. Offer MULTICYCLONE – BATTERY CYCLONE. Offer Complexes for thermocatalytic neutralization of hazardous waste and MSW. More >>> 2017.02.24
Anyang Best Complete Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd (N) Anyang, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Pellet mill, briquette machine. 2017.02.20
Höchsmann GmbH - Technology for Wood - Klipphausen, Sachsen, Germany Products: 1
Representatives: 1
70 Offer Second hand woodworking machines. 2017.02.09
Best Bidi Manufacturer And Exporters From India (N) Meerut, India Products: 1
Representatives: 1
500 Offer Beedi Exporters from India. 2017.01.28
Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd (N) Qingdao, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
50 Offer Wood limitation heat transfer film. 2017.01.04
Delta (N) Bologna, Italy Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Nailing machines. 2016.12.20
AIM Finans Group Oswego, USA Products: 16
Representatives: 2
60 Offer Saw Logs Pine (Pinus sylvestris). Offer Saw Logs Cedar / roundwood. Offer Saw Logs Lime (Linden) / roundwood. Offer Planks (boards) , Lime Tree (Linden). More >>> 2016.12.11
Aim Finance Group Skagway, USA Products: 9
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Lumber drying chamber AIM-060-WA. Offer Mikrobølgeovn tørkekamre Chamber AIM-030-WA. Offer Timber drying chamber AIM-080-WA. Offer White wood, pine, spruce, fir lumber. More >>> 2016.12.11
Gandebiofueltrading lvov, Ukraine Products: 1
Representatives: 1
50 Offer Birch, oak, ash firewood. 2016.11.25
Firewood Logs UK: Fire Logs, Hardwood Logs, Kiln Dried Logs Coneyhurst, UK Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Kiln dried - Ash Wood Kindling. 2016.10.19
Viet A Wodds Hanoi, Viet Nam Products: 1
Representatives: 1
100 Offer High quality plywood. 2016.10.10
SUZHOU RICO MACHINERY CO., LTD Suzhou, China Products: 32
Representatives: 1
48 Offer DIN30 Black ISO 30 Plastic Tool Holder Grippers for ATC HSD Spindle. Offer ISO30 Plastic Tool Forks for ATC Toolchanger Holders. Offer HSK 63F Plastic Tool Holder Forks for Automatic Tool Changer HSK CNC. Offer CNC Tool Holders for HSD ISO30 ATC Spindle with Covernut and Pull Stud. More >>> 2016.09.13
MAJER-HOLZ D.O.O. Vrhnika, Slovenia Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Packet saw. 2016.09.07
Shandong Xuanjin Machinery Co., Ltd 费县, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
100 Offer Log peeling machines. 2016.09.02
MOORE (HK) AUTOMATION LIMITED Xiamen Office Xiamen, China Products: 1
Representatives: 1
0 Offer Rockwell GE ABB Schneider Foxboro Siemens Invensys PLC moudle DCS spare. 2016.08.26
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