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Wood preservatives

Offer Wood preservatives

All types of wood preservatives such as water borne and solvent borne. wood stabilisers, building... More>>>
Wood Preservative ACQ Type

Offer Wood Preservative ACQ Type

AMQUAT SS 211 is new generation wood preservative which is non arsenic and non chromium.
AMQUAT SS... More>>>
Wood Preservative Glyborate Base

Offer Wood Preservative Glyborate Base

Indiboromax is borate and glycol base new generation wood/bamboo preservative.
Indiboromax... More>>>
Copper Chrome Borate CCB

Offer Copper Chrome Borate CCB

Copper chrome Boron (CCB) is one of the best alternatives to CCA wood preservative. CCB is approved... More>>>
Wood Stabilizer

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Woodstab 919 is high Performance Wood stabilizer quick drying liquid formulated to strengthen and... More>>>
Wood Decking Oil

Offer Wood Decking Oil

NARSO Decking oil is specially formulated to enhance natural beauty of decks and exterior wooden... More>>>
Paint Stripper

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Bash is high power industrial paint stripper which is based on alkaline solvents and it suitable... More>>>
Building Anti Termite Chemicals

Offer Building Anti Termite Chemicals

Termisolve B PRO is applied as a treatment to the surroundings of existing buildings to prevent and... More>>>