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wood and wood products
Log houses of calibrated or uncalibrated logs,vacation homes and cottage,saunas,garden cottages and tool barns,booths for shopkeepers,pavilions, terraces and pergolas,garages, porches and carports.playgrounds,animal shelters,rustic and garden furniture,street furniture,vintage-like furniture.- Softwood and hardwood logs,
- Raw pine and spruce logs for house building,cylindrical milled logs, 180 to 350 mm in diameter for house building,pine poles, peeled or not peeled, impregnated or not impregnated for telecommunications,wooden railway sleepers,edged and raw timber,fences for hunting parks,fences and wooden fences elements,wooden slats and pallets,firewood, pellets and wood briquettes.
Wood species: Pine, Spruce, Oak
Product: for sale

Last updated: 2012.08.29