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We are  , FIREWOOD BEECH ASH OAK EOOD , we are the logging company from Bulgaria, which operates in the region of Bourgas city - one of the first private companies on our logging market . We are company of forest owners and also trading and exporting company that makes the cutting of big part of the government woods in the region. Our main species are oak - white, red and black, ash, hornbeam , beech , acacia, apple, cherry, birch, alder, eucaliptus dried fifteen months air dried  and above and  after that kiln oven dried to 10 to 15 percentage of mosture.We can offer EXW , FOB , FCA , CFR , CIF , CPT price and logistic service for all destinations.We are cutting and processing around 28000 cubic meters per Year.Our company specialize in manufacture and sale of quality dry firewood.We have strong position in domestic market and regular clients in Southeast Bulgaria.Thereof we are looking for new clients who would be interested to get us as supplier for long term business.We offer high quality products,excellent service and communication, good transport conditions and short delivery terms.We have an International Certificate .We can provide all necessary certificates and documents you will need for export/import.We are mainly specialized in firewood trading and exporting high quality air dried more than 15 months or kiln dried products with very low moisture content.We provide our customers with high quality and fast service and continue to remain loyal to our prospective clients. We are trusted and already imposed company on European , Middle eastern and Mediterranean market . Service delivery is the forefront of our initiative and our customers are important to us.
Statistics Number of employees: 100
Sales markets UK, Ireland, Medditeranean, Middle East, Western Europe,
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