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Jaya Antika located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia is an export oriented company. We produce ethnic and modern style furniture and wooden craft which have Indonesian distinction.

We apply teak, mahogany and various kind of woods for our product. We have found essential to use kiln dried wood before possessing. We set high standard of controlling to keep the quality. Started from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging. Our prices is considerably ready to compete against the market prices with no disregard of quality and the sense of art of product itself.

Feel free to see our product further in our showroom, or simply let your finger do it for you. Your satisfaction is our priority

Jaya Antika
Office / Showroom
Ds. Mulyoharjo Rt 07 / Rw 04,Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia

Mobile : +6281 390 433 160 / +628985247305

Email :
[email protected]
Statistics Number of employees: 15
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Jaya Antika
Company Code: JA
VAT code: 542

Ds. Mulyoharjo RT 07/Rw 04
jepara, central java



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