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Established in 1984, Qiancheng Wood is a leader engaged in wooden product research, development and manufacturing and the brand “Qiancheng” has been appraised as “Famous Brand in Jiangsu Province” by the Provincial Industrial & Commercial Administration of Jiangsu. Due to 20 years’ efforts and innovations, Qiancheng Wood owns such entities as Wuxi Qiancheng Furniture Lumber, Wuxi Qiancheng Wooden Packaging, Wuxi QIancheng Packaging Engineering, Dafeng Qiancheng Wood, Siyang Qiancheng Wood, all located in Jiangsu Province, and Guangde Qiancheng Wood in Anhui Province. Meanwhile, there are offices and logistic warehouses in Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and Zhejiang, etc.

Also the Company owns an independent R&D institute: Qiancheng Wood Tech R&D Center staffed with 2 professors and 10 masters/engineers, thus enjoying very powerful strength in research and development. Furthermore, Qiancheng cooperates with some universities and research institutes such as Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing Agricultural University and Southern Yangtze University, etc., which provide intellectual support and guaranty for Qiancheng to sustain its development.

Covering 60,000m2, the production base of technical wood product is situated in Siyang County, Jiangsu Province, the hometown of Italian Poplar in China and enjoys first-class manufacturing technologies and professional technicians around China with production equipment leading the industry. Characteristic of novel design, excellent quality, natural and abundant colors, the products take a lead among the international trade and are very popular with customers since being marketed.

Constantly following the concept of being devoted, dedicated and professional, we’d love to provide you with technical wood products in good quality and excellent services up to five-star, in the hope that the nature will approach you and Qiancheng will approach you!
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