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paulownia edge glued board
Product Paulownia edge glued panel, edge glued panel
Grade AA, AB, ABC
Dimension Thickness: 9mm-30mm
Width: max 1250mm
Length: max 3050mm

Common sizes:
9mm x 910mm x 1820mm/2430mm
15mm x 910mm x 1820mm/2430mm
14mm x 1220mm x 1800mm-2500mm
20mm x 1220mm x 1800mm-2500mm
27mm x 1220mm x 1800mm-2500mm

Customized dimension are available.

Glue E1
Features Uniform color, chemical decolored;
Smooth, #240 grids sanding paper;
No wane, no rot, no split &crack, no glue line.

Quality check Piece by piece quality inspection.
Commitment Featured quality products;
Honesty and integrity in communication;
Responsive and friendly customer service;
100% customer satisfaction.
Wood species: Other timber
Product: for sale

Last updated: 2011.05.13