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QSGS Technology was founded in 1995 as family owned business. Since the very beginning company was involved in wood-processing.
The name of the company stands for our partners' countries where our technology comes from: Quality of Swedish German and Swiss Technology.
Since the very beginning QSGS principle was cooperation only with technological world leaders whose competences are at the highest level.

The mission of QSGS Technology is to deliver tools which increase productivity and effectively reduce operating costs, allowing our customers to be more competitive. «Your competitiveness is our concern».

We focus on bandsaw blades for wood processing. We deliver raw material for bandsaw production and ready-to-perform blade for saw mills. We offer also gangsaw blades.

Our idea is not only produce tools but mainly deliver and service tools which are manufactured according to customers' requirements.They are tailor made so so our customer can keep their productivity on highest level.
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QSGS Technology
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