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We would like to offer you collaboration on delivery of exclusive wood.
Our company is located in St. Petersburg and specializes in the extraction, processing and supply of bog oak. The duration of stay under the water of oak is 800-3500 years. There is a wood various, sometimes absolutely stunning shades and textures.
Our company managed to standardize and streamline the requirements for moraine wood, and to ensure a continuous process of extraction and processing.
All material sold by our company undergoes phyto-sanitary control and has a correct documentary registration.
In that case, if age is important - we are ready to sort boards by origin and provide data of radiocarbon analysis performed by the laboratory of the Institute for the History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Science, St Petersburg
The humidity of material 8-12%
We are ready to provide uninterrupted supplies in any amount of interest.

We have stock and we supply amazing-color wood no amonia treatment, no paint used - natural and environmentally friendly bog oak veneer, lamella, logs, planks and boards. We also offer products from bog oak: steps for stairs, glued furniture board, wall panels, flooring, slabs for countertops.
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Vekovoy Les Inc.
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