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Offer: ABC machinery YZS-120 screw oil press

Date: 2021.10.21
Id: 26839

ABC Machinery YZS-120 screw oil press operation
During the operation of the oil press, the oil and slag should be checked frequently. Normally, most of the oil will flow out of the row and the first few round rows. If the cake is broken into slag, it means that the dough is too dry. If it is found that the cake becomes hot (steam) and becomes large, it means that the moisture is too high, and the moisture content of the blank should be adjusted in time. Slag discharging: When the slag is discharged, it becomes thin flakes, which means high water content. If powdery and foamy, it means low water content. Too much slag discharge in the circle is a round row that is not compacted by the compression nut. The compression nut should be tightened. If the moisture is suitable, the strip will not discharge slag or less slag. A small amount of slag discharge is also allowed in the round row. The moisture content of the embryonic material directly affects the oil yield, so the moisture content of the embryonic material should be controlled during pressing.
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