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Date: 2019.12.02
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Q:What is this alloy wheel lathe used for?
A: It is used for Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment. You can view our alloy wheel diamond cutting machine video.Diamond cutting involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel using our specialist lathing equipment.

Q:What’s the size of wheels can your machine refinish?
A: Our machine can repair from 14″ to 23″, 26″, 27″ 28″ and 32″. It depends on your requirements.

Q:Is the diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment machine easy to use?

A:Of course yes, actually an operator can do it well after 1-2 hours training, convenient for new stuff too.
Q:Do we need to transfer data from PC?
A:No. We are now using touch screen PC to do all data via windows system directly.

Q:How many minutes does probe take?
A:Ultra-fast digitizer option can probe a typical wheel in 2-3 minutes for optimum wheel throughput.

Q:Do I need to use a rule to measure a wheel’s size?
A:No. Our automated self-plotting digitizer does all hard work instead of manual operation.

Q:How about probe precision?
A:Very high. Our probe precision is adjustable.When it comes to curve, we can probe very close points every 0.2mm, Please look at the picture below.

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