Offer: Alloy wheel RIM straightening machine

Date: 2019.12.02
Id: 26219

The rim straightening machine AWR26 is designed and manufactured to repair by straightening all kind of steel,aluminums and alloy wheels with range diameter between 10″-26″. The system uses an easy to handle piston controlled by a hydraulic unit that,conveniently positioned,pushes on the damaged part of the rim taking it back to the original shape.Such operation is made easier with the aid of a wide set of shaped punches that perfectly lean toothed different rim profiles. Max 5 tons of total pressure while working on our AWR26 machines.

Repair of various alloys wheels  from China Yujie

1. Mainly used for calibration, repair and various modifications, damage steel and alloy hub.
2. Working range: 10 “to 26” all kinds of wheels.

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Posted by: Guocai Tang
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