Offer: Automatic nailing machine for multilayer plywood pallet block

Date: 2018.12.26
Id: 25753

The production process of automatic multilayer pallet feet nailing machine is undergoing technological innovations to achieve complete one time from raw materials molding, nailing, edge planing and cutting. The unique technology of automatic multilayer pallet feet nailing machine ensures the final pallet blocks to meet the strict inspection standards. Besides, it is also the ideal alternative to the waste building board pallet feet. Automatic pallet block nailing machine broke the previous multi-process production of most manufacturers in the domestic market: manual ranking board, manual air gun nailing, manual air gun nailing, hand-cutting by push table saws, and edge shaping by edge planer.
Now automatic pallet feet nailing machine has successfully operated in a number of production companies. In addition, automatic multilayer plywood pallet block nailing machine has been sold well at home and abroad.

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