Offer: Auxiliary equipment for oil press

Date: 2020.12.09
Id: 26591

There are different pressing methods for different crops, which can be divided into hot pressing and cold pressing. For example, both peanuts and sesame can be hot-pressed. Hot-pressed means that the oil is heated and stir-fried before being pressed. In this case, the roller is needed for frying. And auxiliary type automatic feeding machine, if press the amount enough is enough big, so you can use the automatic feeding machine for automatic feeding, do not need artificial feeding, automatic oil press is enough only need one operation, and simple operation, ABC Machinery production of automatic oil press is debugged before delivery, can be used out of the jump. Remind the majority of users, it is better to operate in accordance with the operating mode on the manual, do not operate blindly, bring unnecessary trouble. If the required output is large, or some of the more complex process of oil, then the need to be configured into oil equipment, such as refining equipment, oil filter equipment.

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