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Offer: Basswood plywood

Date: 2022.03.16
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Basswood plywood is made of basswood through peeling, bleaching, drying, gluing, compression and other processes, and is mostly used in home improvement and furniture manufacturing industries.
Basswood plywood feature 1: good processing performance
The older generation of woodworkers have a deep affection for basswood. Although it is not a precious wood, it is one of the most suitable materials for ordinary families because of its cheap price and good wood properties. Today, basswood is still a kind of wood with a large domestic output. In addition to making solid wood furniture directly, it can also be further processed called high-quality plywood. Compared with similar products made of other fast-growing trees, it has better processing performance, whether it is cutting or drilling, it feels handy, and it does not cause wear and tear on the machine.
Basswood plywood feature 2: stable performance and not easy to deform
In fact, the stability of plywood itself is better than that of ordinary wood, because of its multi-layer structure, the original wood fiber can be rearranged to achieve the effect of criss-crossing, with the help of high-performance glue, fiber They can contain each other, so that even when the external environment changes, it will not cause obvious deformation. The basswood itself has good stability and low shrinkage rate, so the quality of the plywood is better.
Basswood plywood feature 3: uniform and smooth, suitable for painting
Basswood is also a good carving material. After processing, it can present various exquisite lines and shapes well. Especially after polishing, it can be smooth and easy to paint. After being made into plywood, it still maintains such advantages, it can be directly painted and beautified without having to adopt too complicated processes. For better quality boards, varnish can also be used directly to show the texture effect of solid wood furniture.

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