Offer: Bespoke wood flooring, engineered flooring, art parquet

Date: 2021.05.27
Id: 26712

Creating Genparquet products, we continue the tradition of manufacturing handcrafted bespoke hardwood floors, which to this day are specified and used in the renovation of medieval castles and historically protected structures.
With the combination of time-honored handcrafted carpentry and cutting-edge technology, we are able to bring to life the most daring of ideas with respect to wooden flooring and its related joinery.

Bring the elegance of custom-crafted parquet into your home. Our craftsmen are ready to produce a unique product designed by you – whether is Diamond, Hexa, Triangle, or any other shape and size, whether is brushed, saw mark, or sandblasted.

Genparquet also creates a collection that combines the timeless beauty of bog oak nature and the state-of-the-art finishing of the technology. So your building has floorings that are truly the best of both worlds.

Posted by: Aaron Sun
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