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Offer: Best small laser engraving machine for jewelry CMA0604-K-A

Date: 2018.04.04
Id: 25666

This kind of laser engraving machine for jewelry is specially designed for processing crafts such as bamboo pipe ,small crafts , board and DIY engraving . Lift platform and rotating platform is available for this mini laser engraving machine

Applicable Material :

Laser engraving machine for jewelry and Non-metallic materials like wood , paper , leather , fabric ,fur, plastic , rubber and plexiglass etc

a. Laser engraving machine for jewelry support work time preview and interruptible engraving recovery after power-off
b. Support dynamic display of trajectory and coordinate points ,real-time work track display
c. Specially designed and configured power-driven lifting platform makes scb2018ym it easier for customer to hollow
and engrave materials with different thickness
d. Support Ethernet (10/100M) and USD2.0 transmission , the maximum speed is 12M, longest distance 5m.
High efficiency and no signal distorted in long distance transmission
e. Self-developed Smart Carver software for laser engraving machine for jewelry and motion controller with high-speed motion interpolation algorithm to achieve high speed and stable working .
f. Optional professional rotary device for engraving or cutting the cylindrical products such as laser engraving
machine for jewelry.