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Offer: Briquette machine

Date: 2020.07.02
Id: 26444

This briquette machine is using the biomass, rice husk, sawdust, cotton stalk, wooden powder, bamboo powder etc as raw material to make the briquette under high remperature and high pressure. And the raw material moisture should be within 8-12%; and the size should be within 5mm size.
sawdust briquette making machine plant flowchart
1. Biomass Raw Materials (sawdust, rice husk, coconut shell, etc) →
2. Crushing (crusher machine) → 
3. Conveyor →
4. Drying (dryer machine) →
5. Briquetting (sawdust briquette making machine) →
6. Semi-finished Charcoal Briquettes (surface charred briquettes which are also known as wood briquettes or biomass briquettes)→
7. Charring(Coking furnace) → 
8. Final Charcoal Briquettes

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