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Offer: Burma teak flooring

Date: 2022.03.16
Id: 26935

a. Moisture-proof and dry-proof:
The special structure of teak makes it have the function of "breathing", and it is particularly easy to absorb moisture in a humid environment. When the indoor temperature is too dry, the moisture is released into the air, so that the environment is in a stable normal temperature state. Natural indoor air conditioners are very beneficial to the health of the family, and because of this, teak flooring has become a floor that can be used in all climates, north and south.
b. Natural oxygen bar, healthy and pleasant:
The natural Burmese teak floor can emit a natural mellow smell, which is known as a natural calming agent. Laying teak flooring at home or placing teak furniture in the bedroom can play a role in indoor air conditioning, just like being in a natural oxygen bar, helping you Sleep peacefully and relieve tension.
c. Natural health, natural environmental protection:
Burma teak floors are made from the century-old teak wood in the virgin forests of Myanmar and processed by more than 60 unique environmental protection processes. Each solid wood floor maintains the natural structure of teak wood to ensure the natural environmental protection quality of the solid wood floor.
d, not easy to deform, comfortable feet:
The natural Burmese teak is in the shape of medium and coarse fiber mesh, with micro-pinhole structure, extremely stable, not easy to deform after drying, and has good elasticity and comfortable foot feeling. It is the best in solid wood flooring.