Offer: bamboo preservative ccb

Date: 2019.09.02
Id: 25836

CCB is safe to human being.

CCB is suited for exterior use where as Boric Acid treatment is suitable only for interior use. Due to its high leachability boric acid retains the natural color of the wood where as CCA gives an undesirable greenish yellow color to the wood.

The preservation is generally carried out by impregnation under pressure and vacuum in cylindrical chambers. In vacuum pressure process the timber is subjected to an initial vacuum followed by pressure treatment and a final vacuum. It is ideal for Deeping process also.
Copper chrome boron is typical mixture of copper compounds, chromate compounds and boric salt

For more information ask for product MSDS.

Why CCB:
Broad spectrum activity.
Low mammalian toxicity.
Cost effective
Easy to analyze and to determine penetration.
Slows photo degradation by U.V. radiation and water.
Fungistastic and fungicidal.
Prevents fungal spore germination.
Reacts with many of the components on the fungal cell walls and within fungal cell walls.

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