Offer: factory for charcoal and sawdust briquettes and pellets for sale

Date: 2017.06.26
Id: 23053

Land area owned : 21000 m2 (sqm)
Building area owned: 1450 m2 (sqm)
Machines : 14 refractory furnaces, 10 m3 each
Machines : Technology line for hexagonal sawdust briquette with hole inside
Price : 280000 EUR

Our charcoal manufacture is under dry processing ecological method with leisurely pace carbonization and slow cooling into refractory bricks furnaces (not metal barrels). The final product wood charcoal worths :
- high energy with high fixed carbon
- burns equable and long time without flames
- dry, big, strong cobs
- no sparks and cracks
- odorless and smokeless
- less ash cleanup
- no radioactivity, fillers or petroleum additives, 100% natural
- gives subtle smoky aromas with delicious taste of the cooking meats, vegetables ...

Output products:
- charcoal for restaurants and home BBQ
- charcoal hexagonal sawdust briquettes with hole inside ( for BBQ )
- charcoal for industrial
- firewood hexagonal sawdust briquettes with hole inside ( for fireplaces )
- firewood for heating devices
- pellets 6 mm ( if add a pellet mill only )

Input raw material :
- hardwood timber and branches ( oak, hornbeam, acacia )
- sawdust and wooden scrap
- sunflower husks and other plant residuum

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