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Offer: CNC machine

Date: 2022.01.04
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Miniature CNC Machine Tools

1.Main parts are motor box, headstock, slider, machine bed, gear, side cover, connection pieces, tailstock, countershaft, drive belt cover etc. All of the them are made of metal.
2.Withe the latest hardware & software design, the intelligent offline CNC system works more stable and much safer. And handheld operation panel is also available.
3.Standard G code/PLT file(programmable format) is compatible with the most popular CAD/CAM software, such as Type3, Artcam, UG, Pro/E, MasterCAM, Cimatron and Maintop.

4.High-precision stepping drive system along with high-precision screw transmission supports the control mode of 2/3-axes Simultaneous Motion 
5.Multi-I/O points control mode: standard I/O signal nodes have 8 input and 4 output signals respectively
6.Featured with breakpoints memory and appointed file-processing content, 8 different breakpoints information can be saved.
7.The multi-coordinate systems have memory function, with total 9 working coordinate systems, which allows the user shifts among them and saves the origin information in each coordinate system.
8.The running frequency/speed of spindle could be adjusted when machining.
9.The running &machining speed can be adjusted through the button of speed multiplier. The range of speed multiplier is from 0.01 to 1 with the graduation of 0.1
10.Under the mode of manual operation mode, system can perform 3 type motions: continuous, step (jog) and distance.
11.Built-in 512M memory and USB communication port, the machine can directly read files from USB drives and card readers.

12.Featuring with LCD panel and 24-key buttons, the operation is super easy and fully offline.
13.Self-detection and fully automatic dynamic upgrade functions are convenient for remote operation and maintenance.
14.Multi-language display can provide customized demand.
15.FTP network file transferring function allows files to trans

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