Offer: Contacts of lumber producers in Russia

Date: 2020.11.09
Id: 26556

My name is Nikolay Kirichenko and I am the Director of the Forestry Industry Network Russia cluster, which is part of a network of international agents and foreign trade experts from over 22 countries in Europe, Asia and America.
We provide not only original proposals, but also help you to reach out to key people in the companies you are interested in, accompany the negotiation process as consultants to improve the efficiency of your purchases. you can involve us if you need quality control or partner verification in Russia.
We will be happy to cooperate with your company to help you sell your goods for export!

Our head office is in Krasnodar, and our partner network works for you throughout Russia, Ukraine and Belarus!

Send LOI and specifications to We may already have a supplier for the goods you are interested in.

And the fixed price of our work is often less than the cost of flying in economy class and living for a few days for your purchasing manager.

Director of Forestry Industry Network,
Kirichenko N.V.
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Posted by: Nikolai Kirichenko
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