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Offer: Core-layer production line

Date: 2018.10.15
Id: 25874

REX - TORWEGGE - HOMAG- BARGSTED - KALFASS - HOMS-410-K core layer production plant (also solid wood boards)

Consisting of feeding roller,
Package cross-cut saw HOLTEC's 121-SHKA,.
more feed roller TRANSA,
Rotary scissors type lift roller
Solid wood loading portal,
Loading system KALFA for planing machine REX,
REX planing machine HOMS-410-K built in 2004.
with RIP saw unit.
Central RIP saw unit,
upper and lower drum,
Much sheet saw unit,
Belt conveyor system
8 manual workstations circular saws,
12 x material import System.
12 x glue system.
Glue press TORWEGGE
Working length approx. 6600 mm,.
2 cross cutting, 8-speed
The stack and cooling system,
Stacking line,
Conveyor roller conveyor
Power 2500 sqm / 7 hours

Plattenausbesserungs line Doppelendprofilier line in TOP condition!
Workpiece parameters of the plates:
Min. min.: 900 x 200 mm thickness: 17 mm
Max Max: 5000 mm x 1250 mm thickness: 60 mm
Weight: 150 kg
Accuracy: +/-0.2 mm
The portals have a maximum clock power by: maximum of 6 cycles/min
The maximum partial output is: 18 parts / min (DEP line)
Built in 2008

Consisting of:
Task station with task roles,
Automatic Vakuumhebetisch for lengths up to 6 m
Repair line
Conveyor systems
Turning station
Transfer conveyor
Repair line 2
Automatic vacuum lifters to the stacking (6 m)
Batch roller conveyor
Control cabinet with control unit
Stack tables