Offer: 2mm edgebanding trimming machine

Date: 2018.05.28
Id: 23635

We are manufacturer of Tools, Jigs & fittings,Brand "Hanfas" since 1997. We have few patent to our credit. We are looking forward to market our products worldwide
.Hanfas has launched BEGIN WITH US series of innovative machines for the woodworking industry. These machines are robust and reliable.

Accuracy of performance and economic viability is second to none. They are 'engineered to simplicity' allowing even unskilled labour to operate them.


1) 2mm Edgebanding Trimming Machine,
a. Over-hang straight cutting
b. Corner radius milling
c. Linear radius trimming
d. Glue line scrapper
e. Buffing

Router and motor operate only when in use, preventing burn-outs and savings in power bills.

2mm EDGE TRIMMING MACHINE from "Hanfas" [HTM-1500]

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