Offer: wood thermal drying kilns chamber 60000 usd

Date: 2017.06.26
Id: 24542

Vacuum thermal drying chamber MGHD-0100

Loading capacity (Max.), 20.0 M3
Loading capacity (Min.), 10.0 M3
Electricity consumption for drying, 15 kW
Drying time to 5% 24 hour
Chamber dimensions, mm 6500 x 3200 x 2200
Weight, kg 8000

Designed for drying soft hardwoods and precious wood, at a low temperature with the use of hot oil, water or steam, is a device which when used for drying wood is obtained at the output of high-quality dry product.
For high-temperature mode, you can use steam or hot oil. For low-temperature mode - hot water.
During operation can be controlled - the pressure, temperature, and humidity.

Posted by: Andrey Dol
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