Offer: European white oak

Date: 2021.10.08
Id: 25099

European White Oak - Selected Bords QS-A
Rubber wood finger joint - AB,BC and CC grade
thickness:12,16,18,20 and 22mm are available
Rubber Wood Finger Joint Board
Size: 4x8 feet AB, BC and CC grade are available,
Thickness: 12,16,18,20 and 22mm
Mositure content: below 14%
180 Grit Sanded
Surfaced 4 Sides
Grade Standard:
AB: Top face no defects, 70% of bright color and 30% of pink color
Back face has live knots
BC: Top face has minor defects, such as, live knots and black lines
Back face has live and dead knots
CC: Top and Back faces have acceptable defects such as, live knots and dead knots and holes are filled.
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