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Offer: excavator bucketoem 1cbm excavator rock bucket for cat320 zx200 dx200 sy205c

Date: 2022.10.10
Id: 27071

ZHONGHE Excavator Buckets are designed for heavy-duty applications such as road construction, mining and quarrying. Manufactured with Hardox500 and Q355B. The base has been reinforced and the bar protector has been improved.
ZHONGHE Heavy Duty Rock Buckets add extra armor on the heel edge for extended life in highly abrasive applications.
Bucket teeth and tooth seats are made of high-quality products in the industry, which makes the products have high reliability, better digging performance, and more economical efficiency; reduce the time and cost required for maintenance, greatly improve work efficiency and win the construction period.
It is suitable for the excavation of hard rock, sub-hard rock and weathered stone mixed in the soil; the loading of hard rock and blasted ore and other heavy operations.

Posted by: Katherine Chow
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