Offer: External influence factors of feed pellet machine output

Date: 2020.11.04
Id: 26553

Appropriate 3%~5% crude fiber content of crude fiber is conducive to the bonding of pellets, reducing the powdering rate of pellets, and increasing pelletizing output. However, when the content of crude fiber exceeds 10%, it will be affected by poor cohesiveness. The hardness and forming rate of pellets increase equipment wear and reduce pelletizing output.
Heat-sensitive feed lactose, whey powder, etc. will increase in viscosity to varying degrees after being heated, which is beneficial to increase production. However, if the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, it is prone to coking, which will block the die holes and affect the pelleting output. Warm water can be used when conditioning.
Most mineral feeds have almost no binding force or little binding force, and the granulation performance is poor, and the low granulation yield is obvious. Therefore, when the content of inorganic matter (mineral) is high, it is generally necessary to add to the material. A small amount of binder (such as molasses) can be used to improve the granulation performance to increase the output of the pellet machine and the feed crushing mixer used with it.

Posted by: Wei Wang
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