Offer: drying services

Date: 2018.11.01
Id: 24976

Accelerates drying wood by subjecting it to an electromagnetic field in a controlled vacuum. Based on the combined use of high frequency radiating energy and a controlled vacuum pressure and humidity, the drying process of the wood the company AIM Wood UG is 10 times faster than any existing methods.
Respectful of the quality of the material, it preserves all the mechanical properties of wood. Less energy, it also reveals competitive since it displays an overall cost of drying per cubic meter from 20 dollars, against respectively 120 and 90 dollars for processes Hot air conditioning and the empty lined superheated steam. One advantage that can absorb a heavier investment.

Microwave field
The method comprises subjecting the timber to an electromagnetic field in a humid atmosphere under a given pressure. Under the effect of a high frequency alternating electric field (915 MHz), energy radiated instantly turns into heat to the water level contained in the wood. The water discharge mechanism is triggered, accelerated and controlled with the aid of the vacuum pressure. This reduces the risk of structural and geometric destruction (cracks, deformations and collapses).

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