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Date: 2023.08.05
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French doors incorporate the latest design engineering technology and are fitted with top specification hardware as standard. This includes projection hinges, Espagnolette multi-point locking and as standard, our doors are fitted with toughened double-glazed enhanced insulating glass which is filled with argon gas, resulting in a center pane U-value of under 1.0 W/m2K.

"Classic Windows" manufacture both standard sizes and made-to-measure doors. We will provide you with detailed drawings to illustrate your exact requirements upon request.

Standard key features:
Constructed using European Oak, Meranti or treated Pine;
Multi-layered laminated sections (also known as 'engineered sections') help to eliminate seasonal movement and warping.

Specification Brief:
Part L Compliant;
68 mm Sections;
Inward or outward opening.

Multi-point locking;
Locking handle.

Fully finished with micro-porous high performance paint or translucent stain with UV protection;
Any choice of color paint from the RAL color system is available;
All finishes are tested under severe conditions to ensure extremely long outdoor resistance and low maintenance.

Weather strip:
Frame included with performance weather seals.

Trickle ventilation supplied to comply with part F of the building regulations, where required.

Non standard options:
4-16-4 low e toughened argon filled double glazing fitted, as standard, giving a center pane value of 1.0 W/m2K.
Toughened, laminated, obscured and self-cleaning glazing options available.

We offer the option of dual painting. e.g. different colors inside and out.

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