Offer: Glued windows scantlings

Date: 2022.12.20
Id: 27096

Our production constantly produces glued laminated windows beam from pine and oak wood. Production is carried out in Lithuania and Ukraine. The main sales market for our products is Germany.
We can also manufacture to your desired specification.
We offer the prices: From PINE wood: KKK-960 EUR / m3 and DKD -1190 EUR / m3 DDU. From OAK wood: DKD (w 86 mm) -2290 EUR / m3 DDU and DKD (w 105/115 mm) -2350 EUR/m3 DDU. The length KKK/ KKKK - 6000/5900 mm and DKD/ DKKD - from 800 to 3000 mm, step 100 mm. Our ability to produce and offer you up to 220 m3 per month of glued laminated windows scantlings from pine and oak wood.
More information by sales et lignum solidum com We can produce to your specification and according to your requirements.

Posted by: Arūnas Arūnas
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