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Offer: hardwood and softwood sawn timber, cocobolo wood, bubinga wood and semi-finished products

Date: 2017.07.15
Id: 24192

We produce and supply various types of wood boards and wood materials to customers in Central and Western Europe over nine years. We have an extensive range of high grade hardwood and softwood sawn timber and semi-finished products for commercial and industrial customers.

We supply:
- cocobolo wood
- furniture boards
- parquet frieze
- construction timber
- veneer
- lamella
- plywood
- fire wood.

The range of wood species includes beech, oak, ash, cherry, nut, acacia, maple, alder, fir, spruce.

The timber can be supplied kiln dried, air dried and fresh-cut with thickness starting from 8 mm, edged and unedged.

Lengths and thicknesses are made according to customer requirements.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address below