Offer: House hold/ home furnishing/ decoration/ interior furniture

Date: 2024.06.03
Id: 27271

Morethan 10 years operating in the wooden furniture industry. The company's products such as indoor and outdoor furniture are now presenting in most major markets around the world such as the Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Denmarks, Greece, France, USA..

Our main furniture are for House Hold/ Home Interior decoration purpose.

We has always been evaluated as an enterprise with good business relationships, always maintaining prestige with customers, and at the same time very actively participating in environmental protection.

Constantly making efforts and being creative in order to design and manufacture sophisticated wooden furniture products with unique and comfortable styles, in line with international interior trends. The wooden furniture products are not only beautiful but also durable, contributing to the delicate living space that lasts at the same time.

With our hospitality, professional and courteous service, long-term warranty, Surely our high quality furniture will meet all customers’ demand.

It is our honor to receive you all. And if you are more interested, please make a call, send an email or pay direct visit to our office/factory.

We are looking forward your kind coperation in same fields that your company are dealing in

By way, we kindly send you some pictures and catalogues of our products that hope to interest your demands.

We are looking forward your kind feedback.

Posted by: Thomas Nguyen
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