Offer: wood houses

Date: 2017.02.18
Id: 24545

Beam in contrast to the exact dimensions of the log is different. If your decision on buying a home fell from profiled timber, it is necessary to know the structure of a hundred will be strong and durable. You can save money on decorating because such houses have a beautiful appearance. The disadvantage is that the timber needs to be dry, but it does not require additional work and after shrinkage, the walls are perfectly aligned and held tightly together. During its natural shrinkage of the house will not change the original state. Shaped beam well kept warm, so the temperature in your home will be more comfortable. Such a house "breathes" and provides natural ventilation, maintains optimal humidity, so it is cool in summer and warm in winter. When ordering or purchasing a wooden house, you combine practicality and comfort. In such a house will always be the beauty and harmony with nature. The tree does not contain any harmful substances, does not require additional finishing and oxygen balance and a remarkable microclimate is always around you. And even easier to buy ready-made projects of wooden houses of different sizes.

Posted by: Andrey Dol
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