Offer: wood preservative glyborate base

Date: 2019.06.20
Id: 25843

Product Introduction

Indiboromax is borate and glycol base new generation wood/bamboo preservative.
Indiboromax contains borates which is natural base materials and is stomach poison for wood damaging insects and fungi..
Borates are well known as stomach poisons that control wood damaging insects poisoning them when they ingest them. Additionally glycols offer wide spectrum application to the wood whether it is fresh or old one.
Indiboromax active ingredient is disodium octoborate tetra hydrate which can be applied to wood by injection or spray. It creates protective layer of chemicals to wood which prevents and cures wood damaging factors. Chemical in Indiboromax penetrates the wood with its depth of final penetration depending on factors such as wood moisture content and wood density. The glycols are intended to enhance the penetration of Indiboromax in wood.

Why Indiboromax

Very strong affinity for surfaces
Low toxicity and permanent properties
High biocide capacity
Ideal for above ground and ground contact applications.
Powerful surfactants
Indiboromax compounds absorbs in almost any surface of wood resulting in the formation of a monolayer.
Indiboromax contain a hydrophobic group
Good wetting and adhesion properties.
Very effective against brown rot, white rot, blue stains, insects, mold etc. Penetrates deeply in wood and remain for a long time.
Environmentally advanced and friendly
Do not contain arsenic or chromium or copper
Provide same level of protection to wood as like CCA or CCB.
Very effective against brown rot, white rot, beetles, blue stain fungi, termites and carpenter ants, bostrichid borers, powder post beetles etc

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