Offer: indoor decoration planks, outdoor planks, floorboards, planed timber

Date: 2019.04.25
Id: 23996

Northern spruce, pine wood products for the building and decoration.

We offer finishing boards with a smooth or rough surface. There are various dimensions - 12/14/17/18/19/20/22 x 95/120/145/170/195 x 4000/5000/6000.

Examples of paneling for interior decoration you can see at
Examples of paneling for exterio decoration you can see at
Examples of floorboards you can see at

Other planed wood products produced according to orders. We also offer high quality sawn timber from the Republic Komi, Russia. Refer

Wide range of spruce, pine wood for you!
- Sawn timber;
- Planed wood;
- Siding for interior use;
- Siding for outdoor use;
- Floorboards;
- Terrace boards;
- Planed boards for decorative fences.

Preliminary specification and price -

Yours respectfully, PLLC „SOLVAT“

Posted by: Arunas Gorovicius
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