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Offer: Lancewood and Gidgee Ironbark Australian sales

Date: 2018.03.04
Id: 25639

Ironbark and Lancewood Jarrah Australian sales
We are engaged in Australia Logs and timber exports
Supply of hardwood cork logs, used to manufacture mahogany furniture, wood preservative, plywood, plywood,
Lancewood Australian Gidgee Australian Rosewood Red Ironbark red metal Jarrah Jala wood Australian blood Tan
Mahagoni mahogany Gray Ironbark Gray Iron Sheet Acacia cambagei Campbell Acacia wood
Cyprus Pine Cypress pine Hoop Pine hoop pine
Blackwood, Australian ebony Acacia shirleyi Acacia Oak Oak Rose Gum red bakelite. . . . .
40-foot container OR According to customer needs, to provide personalized products, logs. Plates, there is any demand, please contact, thank you!