Sinomada Heavy Industry (Changsha) Co., Ltd.

Offer: Large rock bucket underground wheel loaders telescopic 5.5 ton

Date: 2021.12.16
Id: 26883

Performance Highlights:

1.Heavy load for the rocky condition; the working device and front and rear frame feature thick board of high strength, reasonable distribution and strong carrying capacity.

2.The large rock bucket with capacity of 2.5m³ is improved in terms of the work efficiency and adaptation. The bucket teeth adopt the structure of toothholder and sleeve. The cutting blade and bucket edge are equipped with protection device, featuring excellent abrasion resistance and shock resistance.

3.The thickness of the front frame lug and baseboard is 70mm, and the thickness of the up and down articulated board is 30mm. The machine is superior among the products of same kind in terms of the structural strength and carrying capacity.

4.160kN breakout force handle allkinds of materials with ease,≥3.5m high dumping capacityhandle the severe conditions with ease.

Posted by: Taylor Yang
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