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Offer: lgj-12s standard type experimental freeze dryer

Date: 2018.11.15
Id: 25909

This LGJ-12S Standard Type Experimental Freeze Dryer is suitable for experiment in laboratory and small amount production ,and it can meet the regular freeze dying requirements of the most laboratories.
Technical parameters
  freeze drying area:0.12㎡
  tray dia.:Φ200mm
  tray numbers:4pcs
  tray spacing:70mm
  cold trap temp.:≤-56℃,optional ≤-80℃
  cold trap depth:240mm
  cold trap dia.:Ф220mm
  ice collecting capacity :3-4kg/24h
  pumping speed:2L/S
  ultimate speed:≤5pa
  main unit weight:62kg
  main unit dimensions:580×500×720mm
  -80℃ main unit dimensions:770×550×720mm
  drying chamber dimensions:Φ260×470mm
  cooling mode:wind cooled
  defrosing mode:by air
  shipping weight:1.2L(thickness 10mm)
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