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Offer: Lumber, sawn timber, white wood, spruce, pine, birch, mill, sawmill,

Date: 2017.06.05
Id: 24740

We are exporting company who can supply to you lumber made of tree species growing in Germany, Poland and Ukraine: pine, spruce, oak, beech, birch, alder, Ash and hornbeam. Also there are a lot of other trees like larch, maple, cherry, walnut tree and many many others.

To make our cooperation more effectively please give us next information in your request:

1. Tree species you are interested. For example "pine lumber", "oak lumber".

2. Grade of saw materials you are interested. For example "A only" or "A/B" or mixture of "A/B/C".

3. Additional requirements. For example "no dead knots".

4. Lumber or Logs dimentions.

5. Moisture content. The cheapest is fresh sawn lumber but also it can be dried in a kiln.

6. Antiseptance required. If you need fresh sawn antiseptance for fresh sawn saw materials please specify it.

7. Required amount and contract duration.

Giving us all of this information make us to give answer to you very quick. Usually it do not take more than 1-2 business days.