Offer: Charcoal machine production line equipment

Date: 2020.11.04
Id: 26554

Machine charcoal machine production line equipment
Mechanism charcoal machine production line equipment is sawing wood, branches, rice husk, bamboo shavings, peanut shell, shell of sunflower seed, lees, bagasse, corn cob, coconut shell, coffee grounds and crops straw, corn stalk, cotton stem pole, sorghum stalk, all kinds of beans, etc.), potato, dead leaves, such as waste as raw material, after drying dehydration, high temperature and high pressure to make high quality, environmental protection and efficient mechanism of charcoal. Clean and smokeless, high heat energy, good market, broad prospects, is the forest farm, plank plant, wood, bamboo processing plants, grain and oil processing plants, individual families, laid-off reemployment and other quick wealth of the ideal investment projects.

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