Offer: microwave vacuum chamber aim-120-wa

Date: 2018.11.01
Id: 24872

The drying chamber AIM-120C-WA ™ has superior performance characteristics with respect to the size of the camera, the power of microwave heating and excellent geometry of the vacuum pump. The camera is able to dry even large trunks, providing an extremely high rate of labor productivity. The electronic control system provides high accuracy, which gives the maximum speed of the drying timber for the entire length. Control of acceleration and deceleration of flow of waves, as well as the supply and discharge of pressure peaks, which increases the efficiency of the process.

The performance of the drying chamber is the most prominent in the line of products AIMWood ™ Easy to use, automatic functions control according to the diameter of the tree, ensure fast and efficient drying.

oak boards 50 mm - 36 hours
oak board 100 mm - 48 hours
beech boards 50 mm - 30 hours
beech boards 100 mm - 40 hours
Pine, cedar, fir up to 200 mm - 24 hours
birch, linden and 200 mm - 20 hours

Description of work:

Lumber drying chamber for all types of wood, with high performance and without defect conventional convection and vacuum drying. With the drying cycle of 12-24 hours. Preferential use in the forest and wood industry for drying and building rounded logs in the manufacture of log houses. The drying chamber is composed of a frame fixed horizontally on the cylindrical body for waveguides with microwave energy from magnetrons-stage nozzles and to connect the compressor, and to the body at its ends sealingly attached to the rotating drive section located on the support rollers and having to load the outside lid timber. The use of this device will provide increased productivity, quality of timber drying and reduced drying time.

One of the promising trends in the intensification of the wood drying is the use of electromagnetic energy of ultrahigh frequency (UHF). The rapid increase in temperature inside the timber, which is characteristic of microwave heating

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