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Date: 2017.06.26
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Microwave vacuum drying
Advantages of vacuum chambers can be fully realized through the use of microwave energy. When the microwave drying is an active dehydration timber as a result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation related to the free moisture. This phenomenon causes several times more effective drying of the wood and significantly reduces power consumption, since it is not required to preheat the wood structure and the ambient air (coolant), while most of the energy is absorbed by the moisture inside the timber itself. Produce heat for heating of raw wood to the boiling point of water, and the evaporation of moisture. Since the moisture inside the timber is in a closed space, with the beginning of the boiling water rises inside the overpressure timber. When the microwave drying of wood is a motor overpressure moisture from the inner layers of the wood surface. And most importantly, the two main gradient - pressure and temperature - are constantly directed from the center to the surface of the wood. A moisture gradient throughout the volume of wood is close to zero, which prevents the formation of stresses in the timber during the drying process.

Microwave drying process is carried out under the influence of high-frequency currents (at a frequency of 915 or 922 MHz) and allows to obtain a selective self-regulating heating because the dielectric loss tangent of wood is proportional to moisture and humidity decrease energy losses are reduced. An important advantage of microwave heating is its Radiant heat, ie, The possibilities are virtually instantaneous switching on and off of the thermal effects on the material. Energy costs account for about 20-60 kWh / m3 conditioned timber. Use the microwave to dry the wood showed acceleration of the drying process and improve the quality of dried lumber.

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