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Offer: Mini milling machine, drilling machine, mini sander, mini jigsaw

Date: 2021.11.08
Id: 26858

Funmake 4 in 1 miniature tool kits is specially child-friendly design for beginners. It could be composed of 4 functions with a few simple steps: sander, mini jigsaw, woodturning lathe, vertical drilling machine according to different needs. It is easy and convenient to dissamble with hand-free design and DIY assembly structure. With doing model making, not only improves children’s ability t use their hands and brains, but also cultivate children’s imagination while expericing the joy of creation. It is a perfect tool for kindergarten and preschool. Funmake 4 in 1 are similar to big machine tools. Thus the little carpenters can easily learn how industrial machines really work in a safe and playful way.

Posted by: Cathe Yuan
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