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Offer: Mini milling machine, drilling machine, mini sander, mini jigsaw

Date: 2022.01.04
Id: 26898

Preschool 4 in 1 (mini machine tool kits)
Preschool 4 in 1 miniature tool kits is specially child-friendly design for beginners. It could be composed of 4 functions with a few simple steps: sander, mini jigsaw, woodturning lathe, vertical drilling machine according to different needs. It is easy and convenient to dissamble with hand-free design and DIY assembly structure. With doing model making, not only improves children’s ability t use their hands and brains, but also cultivate children’s imagination while expericing the joy of creation. It is a perfect tool for kindergarten and preschool. Funmake 4 in 1 are similar to big machine tools. Thus the little carpenters can easily learn how industrial machines really work in a safe and playful way. That's the best choice for families and schools to do modelmaking and other creative wood crafts.

Advantages and Features:
1.Child-freindly and safe design
2.DIY Assembly Structure
3.High security/high accuracy/high quality
4.Full of fun and creativity
5.Energy and power saving
6.Easy to operate
7.Easy to clean
8.Light weight
9.Save space
10.Small and portable
11.Safe and stable
12.Stylish and attractive fashion
13.Low-noise and eco-friendly
14.Product quality assurance
15.Excellent after-service sales guarantee

Technical parameters:
1.Motor speed : 12,000rpm/min
2.Input voltage/current/power: 12VDC/2A/24W, Switching power input: AC110V-240V
3.Sawing table size: 90mm*90mm, the saw table won’t hurt your skin with safe design.
4. The diamter of sandpaper panel is 32 mm, it can be used with a variety of self-adhesive sandpaper according to the different requirements of the work-pieces and processing surfaces;
5.The maximum clamping material diameter of woodturning lathe:30mm, length:130mm; Slider travel: 100mm.
6. Working material thickness: hardwood 4mm, plywood 6mm, soft wood 18mm.
7. Drilling table size: 90mm*90mm, the drill bit doesn’t hurt your hand without curling edge, which is specially customized for youngsters.