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Offer: wood floor moisture meter mc-7825ps

Date: 2017.06.28
Id: 24780

Applicable of wood fiber materials, wooden articles, Chinese traditional medicine, tobacco, cotton paper, building, soil and other fibre materials.
Moisture Meters include coton Moisture Meter,soil moisture meter,wood moisture meter.Moisture Meters can measure the moisture content to know the humidity.

Meaning: Pin & Search Type
Specifications:Wood Up to 150 Species
Measuring Range: Pin Type:0~80 % Search Type:0~70 %
Accuracy: ±(0.5%n+0.5)
Resolution: 0.1
Display: 4 Digits, 10 mm LCD, With Color Coded LED Indicator
LED Indicator:
Green LED represents a safe, air-dry state
Yellow LED represents a borderline state
Red LED represents a damp state
Calibration: Automatic
Battery Indicator: Low Battery Indicator
Data Output: USB, RS-232, Bluetooth
Operating Conditions: Temperature: 0~50 C, Humidity:

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